“Wah Wah” Jones Nomination Form

Award Nomination

The “Wah Wah” Jones Award will be presented to a Kentucky male high school senior multi-sport athlete, who exemplifies the essence of “student-athlete”.  Please share this information with a coach, athletic director or principal if you know a deserving high school senior male athlete that meets the following criteria:

  • Student/Athlete who has participated in multiple sports
  • Possesses high athletic ability as an all-around athlete
  • Displays sportsperson like conduct on and off the playing area
  • Demonstrates skills and dedication in their chosen sports
  • Is in good standing with school behavior
  • Shows leadership, dedication and spirit both in sports and in school
  • Shows respect of coaches, referees and teammates
  • Shows a positive example to their teammates through play and attitude

Nominations will be accepted from coaches, athletic directors and principals.  Deadline for nominations to be submitted will be January 29th at 11:59 PM (EST).

Nomination Form

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